Art Battle @ SING! Toronto – Grand Finale, May 28, 2017

Art Battle

Art Battle is an inspiring, entertaining evening for friends, colleagues, art and music lovers. Watch 12 professional artists and their artistic process up close and in the moment. The audience will move around the easels and witness the artists create a painting. At the end of the evening a ballot will be cast for the next Art Battle champion. Paintings can be purchased to take home. .

Pairing with the painters are three incredible Toronto a cappella performing groups: Element Choir, Beatsync and Countermeasure.

The Element Choir draws singers from a broad spectrum of styles, from concert sopranos to singer songwriters to sound poets to Japanese folk singers, composers and musicians. This is a group that works with both structured and non-structured elements, as an ensemble they explore textural and timbral sound qualities, soundscapes, rhythmic patterns, sound poetry, musical genre interplay and extended voice techniques.

BeatsyncBeatsync is a nine-piece a cappella ensemble combining eclectic repertoire dynamic beats and sophisticated arrangements. From pop to electronic to classic soul, Beatsync draws upon diverse influences to craft their unique contemporary sound.

Countermeasure is the new sound in vocal music, known for their upbeat blend, sophisticated harmonies, and infectious energy. Their genre-defying, contemporary sound has earned the group critical and public acclaim, from Toronto to New York to Vancouver to London and Italy. The music covers a broad range of lively pop, jazz, contemporary, and original songs, sung in unique arrangements highlighting the breadth and range of the voice. Dubbed “the leading a cappella chorus out of Toronto” by the Washington Examiner, the group has won praise from critics and fans.

Location: The Opera House, 735 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H2
Time: 7pm
Price: $25 Must be 19+ to attend

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